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Our Guestbook

Thanks for taking the time to visit Currently, the guestbook is read-only due to the massive amount of spam we were receiving and having to wade through. If you are a friend who wants to post to the guestbook, you know how to reach us.

Donna Wikel (June 4, 2005 8:07 PM)

It was so nice to spend some time with you both at the bridal shower in West Virginia! You make a beautiful couple. Your website is very nice, and I appreciate all the hard work it took to create such a neat website. Come see us in Mullens real soon again, and best of luck in the future as husband and wife.

Belle Bottom (June 12, 2005 10:26 PM)

Any messages for me?

Barbara Lane Caldwell (June 22, 2005 1:29 AM)

Great work is all I have to say. The sky is still your limit. Please keep me informed so I can follow you to the top of anything you attempt. I am pleased that I was given the opportunity to have taught you. John, of all the students I taught , you without a doubt were the best. Mrs. Caldwell

Erin Doty (June 23, 2005 9:38 AM)

Congratulations on your wedding. The pictures were beautiful. Sorry we weren\'t able to make it. We are still adjusting to our new lives with Julien. Liked the idea of your begging for a house - so I decided to chip in (for a few bricks & mortar at least ;). Best of luck in building a wonderful new life together. Love, Erin & Erin & Julien.

Patty White Wierzbicki (June 28, 2005 12:43 AM)

Congrats on your marriage. John, your Aunt Meriam was my girl scout leader in Mullens and your other Aunt Martha was a very good friend in high school. I am MHS class of 71, living and working at an RN in Palmer, Alaska.

Krista (July 24, 2005 11:01 PM)

I hope you have wonderful life together. Congrats to you both!!!!!

Brooke Nolley (October 15, 2005 1:59 PM)

I love the pet pictures! This is such a great website!

Joe (March 5, 2006 4:13 PM)

You guys rock!

ISABELLA (December 5, 2006 5:13 PM)

This is a great website! Many thanks. This will be my first time visiting. I found lots of intresting things here. Cheers!

Joe Hartwell (January 22, 2007 4:33 PM)

This site ROCKS!!! Thanks for posting plenty of photos and info...that\'s helpful now that we\'ve all grown up, graduated, and moved away (wait...everyone except me...and I\'ll probably NEVER actually grow up, even if I do graduate and move away!). Y\'all send us an email now, ya hear?!? Joe

John (February 22, 2007 12:14 AM)

Very nice site!

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